You will find the clash royale best arena 11 decks in Builder’s Workshop.

Once you come to arena 11 there are so many decks that can be used; here, I have made a top 15 winning decks.

In arena 11 new great cards get to unlock, so you have more options to battle with. These cards are sparky, electro wizard, electro giant, electro dragon, zappers, hidden tesla, and electro spirit.

1. Sparky Deck

sparky arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3 

This sparky deck is one of the favorite decks in arena 11 for clash royale.

Sparky card is very efficient with freeze spells.

In this sparky deck, you can use two strategies to win a battle.

The first strategy is to push with sparky like put sparky at the end of the lane, and then once it reaches the opponent lane, deploy baby dragon or knight. If the opponent has a skeleton army, then quickly uses the zap spell. Make sure you have enough elixir to put the freeze spell.

The second strategy is to build up my elixir to push with the balloon and feeze the tower so the balloon can survive and give enough damage so that you can win a battle. Make sure if the opponent uses any troops to defend the balloon, then wait for it and freeze both towers and troops.

This sparky deck has only 3.4 average elixir costs, so the cards’ cycle will be rapid, and you can push multiple times.

2. Electro Wizard Deck

electro wizard arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

Electro wizard is mainly used as a defensive troop.

It is best to defend against the balloon, inferno dragon, inferno tower, witch, and other troops.

The winning card is hogs and dark prince in this electro wizard deck, which can use multiple times because it has a very low elixir cost.

I usually push with hogs and dark prince only, and the rest of the cards are used for defense purposes.

The inferno dragon can also use to push to the tower to give good damage to a tower. Also, the inferno dragon is the best defense against giant skeletons, mega knights, Pekka, and royal giants; in short, it is best to defend the tank troops.

Fire Spirits E-Wiz (Electro Wizard), Log Bowler, Fireball can be your counters to zap bait. Generally, in the arena, 11 players have a zap bait. A lot of counters, zap-bait generally does not pose an issue.

If your opponent continually counters your Hog by using Inferno Towers, you must defend it using an Ewiz. If your Inferno is located near the bridge, an ewiz (Electro Wizard) position on the river will accomplish the job flawlessly.

3. Electro Giant Deck

electro giant arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

This electro giant deck is the most used deck in arena 11 for clash royale.

In reality, most of your cards that deal with area or splash damage are rare to have in clash royale, and one of those cards is something that Electro giant can do. I know that you use electro giants to cycle.

However, you are not able to beat Pekka or inferno dragon or inferno tower. If the inferno dragon is kept away from the circle to the electro giant, then the electro giant can get destroyed in a few sec. I suggest that you get any of the spirits for the inferno dragon to get the dragons out. That’s why I have added a lightning spell to destroy such troops.

If you see this electro deck, the air is pretty decent. If you want to add more air troops, then suggest that you replace the log with spear gobs and archers(if you’re trying to keep your elixir’s cost low). However, If you’re not concerned about that, I’d recommend musketeers or a magic archer.

Air defense is an excellent example of requiring lots of spam from me. The majority of times, I can accomplish the task using inferno tornado or Espirit (in the worst-case scenario like lava loon); however, I’m going to try using spear gobs to rotate, which sounds like a great decision.

4. Ram Rider Deck

ram rider arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

Other than the ram rider, the hog is my top card for arena 11.

Ram Rider is the most sought-after card I’ve always wanted to play, and I finally have this card in the clash royale game.

My strategy with this ram rider deck is in one lane. I push with the ram rider, and once the opponent deploys the troops, if they have not much elixir in a cycle, then on other lane push with ram barbarian.

This strategy always works for me, but I cannot do it any time, and I m able to do it 2 or 3 times. Once your opponent gets the strategy, then switch to a different strategy.

5. Golem Deck

golem arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

Golem card works well when used with prince and bomber.

In the golem deck, you’ll need your zap or an arrow that can take out the minions and an army of skeletons.

Most opponents have these cards, like minions, skeleton army, goblin barrel, and goblin. So, to protect these cards, you must be prepared with arrows, an archer, or a log.

6. Lava Hound Deck

lava hound arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3 

In arena 11, the Lava Hound deck isn’t frequently used and is often underrated.

Lava hound and inferno dragon are a great combination. You can also put a balloon inside a deck that resembles an old-fashioned strategy lava loon.

Lava hound is expensive, and I’d suggest you play it during the final game when only 1 minute remains.

I’ve seen in lava-hound deck players are using barbarians in their deck. However, Barbarians are not necessary for decks with an inferno dragon that could destroy tanks. It’s possible to swap your inferno towers and hidden tesla to get hog rider.

7. Elite Barbarians Deck

elite barbarian arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

In the elite barbarian deck, I’ve added a freeze, which can be used when playing this deck. Should the opponent attempt to protect the barbarian of the elite, you can put a freeze on troops, as well as the prince tower.

To protect an elite barbarian deck, your opponent must have Pekka mega knights, minion the inferno tower. This is the kind of card you need to fight to be victorious in the game clash royale.

8. Best Electro Valley Deck – Inferno Dragon

inferno dragon arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1 

I used the golem’s inferno deck to transport me from the building workshop to the legendary arena. But, I’ve not had any success recently at this venue (Electro Valley). It’s very frustrating to have to manage elite barbarian rushes, particularly the golem.

One of the Best Electro Valley Deck.

The only concern I have with the inferno dragon is that if the opponent has an electro wizard or a zap spell, the inferno dragon is ineffective.

9. Mega Knight Deck

mega knight arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

Mega knight is the most used card in every clash royale arena.

The mega knight can use as a defense and offense, which works great for both conditions.

If there’s an inferno dragon on either side, you’ll be very easily distracted by the swarm cards. If you’re discussing the inferno tower, typically, I’m able to cycle quickly to the Mega Knight before being in a position to return to the inferno tower.

10. Goblin Giant Deck

giant goblin arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

Miner is efficient against Spawner structures such as Furnace, Barbarian Hütte, or Goblin hut. Poison is also effective against these structures.

The best thing about giant goblin is that it allows you to focus all your attention on his presence for longer durations instead of the balloon. (more than hp = more times) and Miner can destroy the tower. Since the balloon is less effective in the face of attacks, you would not deploy Miner. Miner in this manner.

11. Balloon Deck (No Legendaries)

balloon arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3 

The only troops that can defend the Balloon player are if the opponent has an electro dragon or electro Wiz or Inferno dragon.

Also, the hidden tesla is annoying for the balloon deck.

If you have a lumberjack, then definitely use this balloon deck for arena 11.

In this balloon deck, there are only two winning cards which are balloon and goblin barrel.

Goblin Barrel is capable of causing more than 700 damage to the opponent if neglected or the opponent doesn’t have an arrow or a log.

12. XBow Deck

xbow arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

xBow with hidden tesla is a deadly combination to have in a deck.

First, I put the hidden tesla beside him; I put xbow to destroy any troops in the middle of the xbow.

If the opponent has a skeleton army, then use log. (Warning uses logs only to defense against skeleton army or goblin gang.)

This strategy will quickly take down one tower.

13. Hog Rider Deck

hog rider arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

When I get bored by playing the same deck over and over again I switch it to a different deck to try some strategy and this is one of that deck.

14. Goblin Hut Deck

goblin hut arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

The end game of goblin hut is so effective that I take the game until the end, so I always win the end game with builder hut. Because in the end game, I almost have a 2-3 builder hut that is deploying goblin, so I have to concentrate on push not to worry about defense.

15. Pekka Deck

pekka arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

This Pekka deck is perfect for war battle in clash royale.

My concern is that if the opponent is a fisherman, he will pull towards the prince tower and its effects on your strategy every time.

Also, if the opponent has a minion, use exe from behind the Pekka so that exe can take care of any army troops like a minion horde, goblin gang, skeleton army, or archer.

16. Giant Skeleton Deck

giant skeleton arena 11 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

The giant skeleton gets nerfed after the update in clash royale.

Clash royale nerfs the damage given by the giant skeleton death effect.
So you should always have a backup strategy if your giant skeleton strategy gets failed.

Here princesses can use it as an offense as well as a defense. I do with the princess if I find out an opponent is struggling with the elixir, then I put the princess, which almost gives 2-3 hits, to the tower with a good amount of damage to the prince’s tower.

In this giant skeleton deck, I haven’t added a spell or arrow that can deal with the skeleton army or goblin, so that’s why I have added a bomber in the deck.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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Which is the best deck for Arena 11?

The best deck for arena 11 are Pekka, goblin hut, skeleton army, zap, witch, baby dragon, archer, and goblin barrel.

How do you make an arena 11 deck?

To make an arena 11 deck, you should have a mini tank troop, air targeting, defensive, and win condition troop.

How do you exit Arena 10 in clash Royale?

To exit from arena 10 in clash royale, you need the best deck, which you have to master. Once you have a good amount of practice with this deck, you can easily climb the ladder and exit arena 10.

What is a win condition in clash Royale?

A win condition is a card that will help you win a battle in a clash royale. Some examples of win conditions are Pekka, balloon, electro giant, giant, giant skeleton, hog, ram rider, and others.

How do you counter an electro giant?

You can counter the electro giant with air-targeting troops like inferno dragon. Also, the inferno tower uses as a counter to the electro giant.

How do you counter Mega Knight in clash Royale?

The best way to counter the mega knight is valkyrie, knight, inferno dragon, and elite barbarian. You can also counter the mega knight with Pekka

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