Here you will get the clash royale best arena 5 decks which are in Spell Valley.

The main game starts from arena 5 only; you get so many cards, so I made some 10 best decks for arena 5.

In arena 5, new great cards get to unlock, so you have more options to battle. These cards are bats, zap, hog, wall breaker, witch, and .princess.

1. Hog Deck

hog rider deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

There are three win conditions (barrel-hog-ram), but you only need one or two.

So you could changes this deck and add more air defense such as minions or archers.

I will tell you how I m going to use this deck.

First, I will defend the troops which opponents have and build some elixir to push with hog.

Once I got six elixirs collected, I pushed to the tower with hogs and put a goblin barrel.

This deck will surely damage the opponent’s tower.

These decks you have to do two times. Once the opponent recognizes your strategy try to push with only hogs.

2. Witch Deck

witch deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

To counter gob barrel you have arrows, but you need to reserve them.

The best deck in Spell Valley.

You can also kill wizards easily with any ground troop, such as knights, valkyrie, or even barb barrels when wiz crosses the river.

They have always had a skeleton army to bait my arrows, and my valkyrie is always used to push my valkyrie with a giant.

3. Princess Deck

princess deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

Valkyrie deck is a defensive kind of deck that is more effective when your opponent has a skeleton army or goblin.

Valkyrie destroyed a skeleton army in a sec.

With a defensive card, you should also have an offensive card like giant and Pekka.

In this deck, I m using a mini Pekka, which is so helpful to give damage to a tower.

If you want a tank troop, you can use a knight, which can be used as tank troops if you are not adding a giant in the deck.

4. Pekka Deck

pekka deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3 

A card that reliably damages the towers of its opponent is called a win condition.

So the Win conditions include cards such as giant, giant, graveyard, and goblin barrel.

These cards must be countered in order to avoid damage to princess towers.

You can also do changes in the decks like You can add win condition to your elixir and replace Pekka with mini Pekka.

This deck is great for Musketeer, but you’re playing Pekka so the Wizard is better.

Barbarians don’t do as well as buildings in defense so If you want to go with the low-cost buildings then I will suggest you add a builders card in your deck such as a furnace or cannon tesla.

5. Miner Deck

miner deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4 

Giant Skeleton will be used as a tank.

I will tell you how I use these decks.

If I want to push, then I use a giant skeleton and then a goblin barrel.

When you push with a giant skeleton opponent, it usually gets panic to put goblin barrel to a tower.

6. Barbarian Deck

barbarian deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

Does your enemy have good counters to the goblin barrel often? Do they have fire spirit, barbarian barrel, or skeleton armies? If yes, then I would switch to a card, such as barbarian or hog rider, because they are more reliable in getting to the tower, particularly hog rider. A tank killer, tank-like Pekka or knight, or even a prince might be an option.

Your deck should be fine unless you want to try a goblin barrel or hog rider.

If you feel you don’t know how to play the game, you can watch tutorials (preferably starting in 2021 or 2020 as older versions have outdated strategies) or look at normal gameplay created by content creators.

You can adapt their style and learn from them.

7. Battle Ram Deck

battle ram deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4 

For lower arenas, I suggest you make a beatdown deck of some kind. This deck is without legendary card.

The general rule of thumb is to have a large tank that drives your entire push to the tower of your opponent.

Support units can be ranged damage minion, witches, valkyrie, or even musketeer.

These decks are easy to transport you to the league without much effort.

8. Spell Valley Goblin Barrel Deck

goblin barrel deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

This deck is my favorite. First, I defense, then in the last 1 minute, I use Pekka to push with a goblin barrel.

Pekka with goblin barrel is a deadly combination deck in arena 5.

9. Best Arena 5 Giant WizardDeck

giant wizard deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5 

There are many better options available, including a wizard, as well as a baby dragon. Wizard currently has good win rates for me.

I pushed too hard and my cards were badly out leveled. I’m now electro valley using balloon, witch, and fireball.

10. Arena 5 Mini Pekka Deck

mini pekka deck for arena 5

Average Elixir Cost: 3.1 

If you want a winner card then I  will recommend using a card that targets towers, such as battle ram or hog rider.

Another strategy is to use the miner tank to break down wall breakers to hit the tower and then cycle.

Hope you get the best deck for arena 5 Spell Valley.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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What is the best deck in Arena 5?

The best arena 5 deck is Hog Bait Goblin Barrel Deck which contains:

Goblin Barrel,
Fire Spirit;
Skeleton Army,
Inferno Tower,

These are some best deck for Spell Valley.

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