You will find the best arena 9 decks in Jungle Arena.

Once you come to arena 9 there are so many decks that can be used; here, I have made a top 15 winning decks.

In arena 9 new great cards get to unlock, so you have more options to battle with. These cards are inferno dragon, goblin giant, poison, goblin hut, dart goblin, and goblin gang.

1. Inferno Dragon Deck

inferno dragon deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

Inferno Dragon is best for the attack as well as defense.

I was able to get from the builder’s workshop to the legendary arena by using the golem inferno deck.

There are so many strategies to push for the tower.

You can storm with giant, goblin barrel, and mega knight.

Also, to defend against air troops, this deck has bats and baby dragons suitable for defending air troops.

2. Goblin Hut Deck

goblin hut deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4 

Goblin hut is one of the best decks in arena 9.

The end game of the goblin hut deck is incredible because the cycle of the cards moves fast, and you may have 2 to 3. Goblin hut is a rare card, so you can’t have multiple huts at the start of the game.

I have won many matches with goblin hut deck, but I get rekt when the opponent has a log, mega knight, baby dragon, and arrow.

So to solve this, I have added a hog rider which will directly attack the tower and gives a good amount of damage.

I used to play CR to see what meta decks I could play, but now I am playing to win. I’ve had great success with Hogs as well as the builder hut cycle.

3. Goblin Giant Deck

giant goblin deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

Goblin giant has a death effect where it deploys two goblins which is not much effective, but the giant itself is an excellent tank in a deck.

I have added the giant in the same deck because you can push with giant first and behind him put baby dragon with the giant goblin; this will be a deadly combination that no one uses.

You can also use poison instead of a baby dragon.

The giant goblin deck gave me a lot of fun matches and led to 4900 trophies. This deck worked well against hog, Pekka, and golems.

You can combine that with spells if you want, and you have a fantastic combo: goblin giant behind the giant.

4. Arnea 9 Lightning Deck

lightining deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1 

Lightning is not a significant card that can be a winning deck.

The best deck in Jungle Arena.

So what you can do is put the miner in a tower, and once the opponent puts troops to defend a miner that time use a lighting spell.

Instead of a miner, you can add a goblin barrel.

In this deck, most of the cards I have selected are epic cards and three legendary cards.

If you want to win every match, you need to choose a single deck and practice it, making you a pro on some decks.

5. Best Jungle Arena Deck

freeze deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

What should I say? This is one of my favorite decks, which use for trophy pushing in clash royale.

There are several strategies you can use with the freeze spell.
One strategy is to push with a balloon and freeze the tower with opponent troops. In a single push, you can destroy the whole tower.

If it doesn’t work, use the hog with a goblin barrel and free the tower and troops. With freeze deck, you can win every match.

Mini PEKKA might be better with freeze also royal giant to use many strategies with the freeze card. One of the effective strategies is to balloon with the freeze deck. That’s why I have added this to the list of top arena 9 decks.

6. Balloon Deck

balloon deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

The balloon deck mainly used deck in arena 9, but balloon deck with freeze spell is a deadly combination to have in a deck.

I have also added a barrel so you can use it with freeze. You have to freeze troops with a tower so that balloon or goblin barrel takedown single tower.

The balloon can be strong, and it is compatible with Witch.

At four elixir, Hunter can shut down a balloon very quickly. With rage, I have taken down balloons, and a hunter has only suffered a few hundred injuries from the death of the balloon.

Many balloon decks come with spells that can stop them. A princess is best for attacking. You can place a defensive princess.

However, a knight will work better than a princess to defend almost all the time.

7. XBow Deck

xbow deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

I know you will say you should have a hidden tesla with xbow, but I made this deck for those who don’t have a hidden tesla yet.

So once you get the hidden tesla, you can add this instead of a tombstone.
Knight can use as a defense against high damage troops.

Fireball is so valuable for the xbow deck that you can use the fireball to win a battle once the opponent tower is low.

8. Hog Rider Deck

hog rider deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4 

Hog deck is also one of the most used decks in arena 9.

You should always have a zap, log, or arrows to kill the skeleton army or minions whenever you use hog.

To defend, I have added a cannon cart that has been so useful while testing this deck.

Hog musketeer, valkyrie/knight, log, tesla, fireball, skeletons, zap. Once you unlock it, you can replace the zap spell with ice spirit. You can max it in a year, and it is fairly f2p-friendly. To get more gold, you can donate as much as you can to earn all the gold or XP.

You will reach 5k reasonably quickly. A high king tower makes it much easier to play and allows you to go higher.

9. Witch Deck

witch deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4 

The witch card use for defense purposes, so I have added a hog rider to push for prince tower in this deck.

The witch deck is similar to the freeze deck, so you can use that strategy I have discussed on the freeze decks.

There are up to 6k possible trophies that you can win with almost any deck that has a win situation and basic synergy.

But it isn’t straightforward to achieve long-term success without a better deck.

10. Mega Knight Arena 9 Deck

mega knight deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

Whenever I have a mega knight in my deck, I don’t show mega knight cards to the opponent until the last minute to get confused about what to do. This kind of little trick helps us to win battles.

If the opponent has an elite barbarian, you can use a fireball and zap on them to get destroyed in a second if they have a low level of elite barbarian.

To defend against the hog, you can put the cannon in the middle of your side so that hog has to travel a long distance, and the tower will take care of the hog.

11. Pekka Deck

pekka deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

The Pekka is a winning card, and You can use it to push.

The princess cards can use to defend troops and also for attacking purposes.

When you push with Pekka, you should have a miner card in the row so that your attacks will be more effective.

The ram barbarian is an underrated card in clash royale. Once you know the strategy of how to use ram barbarian, you can easily win a battle.

12. Giant Skeleton Deck

giant skeleton deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

A giant skeleton card is perfect if you have a tornado because when you push with a giant skeleton, the opponent tries to defend with troops. So what you can do is use a tornado so that all the troops move towards the toward, and once the giant skeleton dies, the after effect will take down the tower.

After the update in clash royale, Giant skeleton death damage is broken, disabling pushes completely, mainly when it’s over-leveled. The Giant skeleton can also kill most support with just a few hits from the hand. Its damage is more significant than lightning.

13. Skeleton Dragon Deck (No Legendaries)

skeleton dragondeck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

The skeleton dragon gives splash damage to troops.

You can use a skeleton dragon to protect your Pekka so that the Pekka can damage a tower.

TIn clash royale, the ram barbarian is one of the most underrated cards. You can win any battle if you understand how to use the ram barbarian.

14. Miner Deck

miner deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

Miner deck is not much of use in the higher arena.

If you are still at the lower arena, I recommend that you rush to King Tower level 8. You can go to level 8 by upgrading your troops which require gold. So to get the gold, you have to join a clan and donate to your clanmates.

This will unlock challenges and, depending on your level, win many legendary cards for variety.

15. Goblin Barrel Deck

goblin barrel deck arena 9 deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

You can use the goblin barrel when you push with hog or Mini Pekka.

The poison spell is very effective when you push with hog and goblin barrel.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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Which is the best deck for Arena 9?

The best Deck for Arena 9 is Hog Mega Knight Freeze Deck. The deck contains Princess, Hog, Skeleton Army, Freeze, Goblin Gang, Mega Knight, Goblin Dart, and Bat.

How do you get to Arena 9?

To get into arena 9, you should master a single deck to win a battle maximum of the time.

What is the best arena 9 deck without any legendary in Clash Royale?

It is one of the best arena nine decks without any legendary which contains Witch, Valkyrie, Skeleton Army, Hog, Goblin Barrel, Poison, Spear Goblin, and Baby Dragon.

What should I use for Arena 9, the Sparky deck or the Lava Hound deck?

In arena 9, the sparky deck is the best in clash royale.

Can I demote myself from Arena 9 to Arena 1?

You can demote yourself. Go into battle and do nothing, it will take time, but you can easily go down in the arena. But to go to arena one is not possible. It’s better to create a new account.

What is the best decks to push to arena 9?

The best decks to push to arena 9 are Pekka, Battle Ram, Bomber, Knight, Wizard, Miner, Freeze, and Skeleton Dragon.

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  1. Most of your decks have cards that have not been attained if you are a new player who has made it to arena 9. All of the following are now obtained after are an 9!
    Inferno dragon
    Mega knight
    It is so unfair to battle against people with cards that you are not able to get.

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