You will find the clash royale best arena 14 decks in Serenity Peak with Champions Decks.

Once you come to arena 14 there are so many decks that can be used; here, I have made a top 15 winning decks.

In arena 14 new great cards get to unlock, so you have more options to battle with. These cards are night witch, lumberjack, Exe, goblin drill, rage spell, barbarian hut, elixir golem, and firecracker.

1. Elixir Golem Deck

elixir golem deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

The elixir golem deck is such an effective card in arena 14 Serenity Peak.

I mostly use the elixir golem in the end game, so that opponent’s elixir gets overloaded and the opponent’s panic pushes with any troops.

First, I try to give damage with mega knight and mini Pekka. I usually push with elixir golem in the last 1 min so that my cycle of this deck must be fast, and I have two elixir golem push to the tower. In the previous 60 seconds, I deploy the elixir golem during the last lane, and then it’ll reach the opponent lane. I have another elixir golem. So with two elixir golem pushing to a tower will differently take down the tower.

2. Barbarian Hut Deck

barbarian hut deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 5.2

This barbarian hut deck is expensive, but once you have practiced it so many times, you will win every battle.

Usually, I damage a tower with an electro giant, and once the tower is low, I use lighting spells repeatedly to destroy the tower entirely.
Brabrain hut I use to give pressure to the opponent, and the rest of the cards are used for defense purposes.

The minion horde and Exe are used to defend most air troops, and the mega knight is used to defend from tank troops.
Rage spell gives added advantages while you push with the electro dragon.

3. Goblin Drill Deck

goblin drill deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

Goblin drill is used as a defense as well as offense. I have seen many people take the tower, but I rarely use it for offense purposes.

If the opponent has tank troops, the goblin drill will be best to distract it.
If the opponent has a Pekka, then I put a goblin drill in the middle of the lane so both the tower hit Pekka and Pekka gets distracted.

Now the fireball gives low damage, and you can replace it with a rocker or lighting speel.

4. Lumberjack Deck

lumberjack deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1 

Goblin Barrel can deal over 700 damage to an opponent if it is ignored or doesn’t have an arrow or a log.

Miner is effective against Spawner structures like Furnace, Barbarian hut, and Goblin hut. Poison also works well against them.
Giant would work well with Witch.

The balloon can be strong, and it is compatible with Witch.

The great thing about a giant is that you can concentrate all your attention on him for longer than the balloon. (more hp>more times) And Miner will destroy the tower. Because the balloon is weaker against attacks, you wouldn’t be able to use the Miner in that manner.

Golem Lumberjack Arena 14 Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1 

5. Bandit Serenity Peak Deck

bandit deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

The deck Bandit is one of my favorite decks from clash royale.

If I receive the bandit deck right at the beginning of the game cycle, I instantly push the bandit and destroy the tower. It’s not going to occur often, therefore make sure to use it immediately whenever you receive the bandit deck in the initial cycle.

2.6 Hog Cycle Deck Arena 14 Serenity Peak

Average Elixir Cost: 2.6 

6. Bowler Deck

bowler deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3 

Bowler deck is one of the most underrated decks in clash royale.

Most of the time, I use bowlers to defend myself and as a tank soldier. You might consider that tankers employ ice golems or others, but the bowler offers a protection advantage.

After playing the deck in two-on-two, I realized that the absence of a powerful disorientation device was the most significant disadvantage of the deck, as I couldn’t handle even weak pushes or secure my equipment.

7. Rascals Deck

rascals deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5 

The Rascals card is great for offense and also for defense. They can use it as an armored tank. Two archers in front of her deal good damage to towers or troops.

8. Graveyard Serenity Peak Deck

graveyard deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

The graveyard is the least used card in clash royale. But with this deck, the graveyard card works awesome.

My strategy with this deck is to push with the miner and put a graveyard so that the troops will be distracted to the graveyard, and then I use a magic catcher that gives long-distance damage. So now the magic archer will give some damage to a tower.

Skeletons use to distract tank troops.

If the opponent has tank troops like Pekka, elite barbarian, or hog, then use fisherman in the middle of the lane, so it pushes it middle prince tower, and prince tower gets activated so that all the three-tower gives damage.

9. Skeleton Barrel Deck

skeleton barrel deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

Skeleton barrel is very effective when you use a rage spell and a clone spell, but that very risky deck; sometimes it will work, and sometimes you will fail to win a battle. FUN TO USE DECK.

In this skeleton barrel deck, the recruits are used for defense purposes only, and I mostly use them in the end game when 1 min is left.

I usually push with a royal hog, and if the opponent deploys any troops to defend, I use a fireball on them so that the royal hog gives a good amount of damage.

10. Sparky Deck

sparky deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

This Sparky deck is pretty tough. It would be best if you had good practice with this sparky deck.

Other options:

Gg, sparky, dp, mini pekka, mega minion, ewiz, rage, zap.

Gg, sparky, ebarbs, heal the spirit, mega minion, electro wizard, rage, zap.

Gg, sparky, goblin cage, barb barrel, hunter, mega minion, lightning, snowball.

These are some best sparky decks in arena 14 Serenity Peak.

11. Electro Giant Deck

electro giant deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 5.0 

Electro Giant deck is very risky because if the opponent has a card that is a defense against an electro giant like Pekka, mini Pekka, mega knight, inferno dragon, and inferno tower.

So I have added another card which is sparky and balloon. These two cards will help you to win a match if electro giant attacks fail.

12. Ram Rider Deck

ram rider deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1 

Ram Rider is best for defense and offense. It’s a little bit of defense because when the opponent has a hog or balloon, I usually deploy the ram rider so that the hog and balloon get slowed down and the tower takes them down.

13. Golem Deck

golem deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

My golem strategy deck is to play it in the last 1 minute, and I place the golem near the edge of the lane, that is until it gets near the opponent’s tower. I’ve got another golem waiting for a push. Going back and forth with two golems will offer you a better chance of winning.

It is essential to offer a fair quantity of destruction to your tower to enable the golem to take the fight for you.

14. Elite Barbarians Deck

elite barbarian deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1 

Mega Knight is one of the cards that is played in every clash royale arena.

Mega Knights can be used to defend as well as attack. It is perfect for both situations.

There’s an inferno-dwarf on both sides. It is likely that players will get distracted by the crowd of cards. In the case of a tower of fire, typically, I can rapidly move to mega knights.

15. Mega Knight Deck

mega knight deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1 

The mega knight deck is one of the strongest decks in all the arenas, especially the Serenity Peak arena.

This mega knight deck is my favorite in arena 14 decks.

You have many options to push for a tower in this deck. The one is ballon with a lumberjack; another one is a prince with a lumberjack. The combination works great, and the mega knight is usually used for defense and then for the offense.

16. Balloon Deck

balloon deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

The balloon can be strong, and it is compatible with the Freeze spell.

17. Royal Giant Deck

royal giant deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

If the opponent doesn’t have a defensive card against the royale giant, you can easily win a battle, but this happens very rarely.

18. XBow Deck

xbow deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

xBow with hidden tesla is a deadly combination to have in a deck.

This strategy will quickly take down one tower.

19. Hog Rider Deck

hog rider deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

Hog with a goblin barrel is a good combination of decks to have in the arena 14.

In this deck, the hog rider and goblin barrel are the winning cards.

Hog Rider EQ Arena 14 Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.1 

20. Royal Hogs Deck

royal hogs deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

Royal hog is not used much in clash royale, but it’s a good card in the arena 14 decks. If you are using this deck, then you need good practice with this royal hog deck.

21. Pekka Deck

pekka deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

The Pekka is a winning card, and You can use it to push.

When you push with Pekka, you should have a goblin deck in the row so that your attacks will be effective. But in this Pekka deck, I m going to use a hog so that the push is more effective.

22. Giant Skeleton Deck

giant skeleton deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

The giant skeleton is a good deck in 2V2 battle because, in 2v2 battle, troops get jumbled up so the giant skeleton bomb can destroy them all.

23. Exe Deck

executioner deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 5.2 

I put exe in behind of electro giant so it can protect the air troops. If the opponent has defensive some troops, then use lighting to destroy them when your electro giant reaches the tower.

24. Best Deck for Arena 14 – Night Witch

night witch deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 4.6 

You can trade with the wizards and witches in lower arenas by using a barb barrel. Wizards will be good elixir trade for you. It is one of the Best Decks for Arena 14.

To defeat the giant’s swarms or skeleton army, you will need arrows/zap.

That will save you a good elixir instead of a wizard, musketeers, or archers.

You can swap out the wall breakers for spear goblins and archers. Also, you can take out the wizard and goblin barrel for a witch or fireball.

25. Princess Deck

princess deck for arena 14

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

Princess is usually used for defense purposes. If the opponent has a minion horde or skeleton army at that time, it is beneficial.

Witch is also suitable for defense purposes only, so the goblin barrel and a fireball are used for offense in this princess deck.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

There are six cards you can take in a battle. Every card has its unique ability.

To win in a match, the first thing you have to do is upgrade your card, which you will use most of the time. Your card will be upgraded when opening a chest.

There are different kinds of chests that you will get when you do a battle.

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What is a good deck for Arena 14?

For arena 14, the best deck is the golem battle healer deck. A combination of both can make you win a battle with ease.

How do you beat Arena 14 in clash Royale?

To beat players in arena 14, you should master a particular deck. I m very good at hog goblin barrel deck, which makes me reach arena 14 in clash royale. I will suggest you master one or two decks with which most of the time you win with that decks.

How do you beat serenity peak in clash Royale?

Ranking up serenity peak is difficult because all the good players are pushing for the legendary arena. In serenity peak, the most used card is a mega knight, magic archer, and lumberjack, so to counter these cards, you should have a knight, inferno dragon, or inferno tower and fireball.

Best deck for arena 14 with mega knight

The mega knight’s best deck for arena 14 is Mega Knight, Electro Wizard, Mother Witch, Loog, Miner, Magic Archer, Inferno Dragon, and Lumberjack.

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