You will find the best clash royale arena 8 decks in Frozen Peak.

Once you come to arena 8 there are so many decks that can be used; here, I have made a top 15 winning decks.

In arena 8 new great cards get to unlock, so you have more options to battle with. These cards are ice spirit, snowball, ice golem, freeze, lightning, and ice wizard.

1. Ice Wizard Deck

Ice wizard deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

Ice wizard deck is best in f2p friendly. Also, the miner, a mega knight with ice wizard, is a pretty solid deck.

The winning card is mega knight and miner. In start defend against your opponent troops in last one minute start to push to take down the tower.

Instead of a tombstone, you can take a hog rider, so chances of winning get increase.

In arena 8, mostly all the defensive cards get unclocked.

2. Lightning Deck

lightining deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

The lightning deck in arena 8 is the favored deck. This kind of deck is most effective when you play 2v2 draft.

The lighting deck is costly, so you have to use it in the end game.

At the last minute, if your opponent’s tower HP is below 1200, then use the lighting two times per cycle of cards; you will win easily with this deck.

You can also use it at the start but make sure you also attack troops along the tower.

Lightning and arrows make a great pairing. It might work well, depending on what matchups you have at your arena.
Here the winning card is ram barbarian and mega knight.

3. Arena 8 Deck No Legendaries – Freeze Deck

freeze deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

Freeze deck is the most effective when you use a combination of cards like a hog with freeze, xbow with freeze, or goblin barrel with freeze.

As you can see this Arena 8 deck No Legendaries Card.

You can use a tank card and freeze the tower and a troop to get more damaged by tank troops.

Once you unlock the graveyard, then use this with the freeze and goblin card.

If you want, you can use the deck given below:

  1. Hog, Goblin Barrel, Knight, Goblin, Freeze, Witch.
  2. Ballon, Freeze, Rage Spell, Mega Knight, Wizard, Valkyrie
  3. xbow, Hidden tesla, Freeze, Wizard, Valkyrie, Fireball (or Arrows)

You can also use this deck. Once you go to a higher rank, there will be more strategies of deck you can use with freeze.

4. Balloon Deck

balloon deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

The balloon deck is popular in arena 8. Most of the user doesn’t use balloons properly.

The best deck in Frozen Peak.

The balloon should protect by tank troops; that’s why I added a giant card in this deck.

You can also push with a giant card and in behind, put a wall breaker.
If the opponent has minions, then after giant put baby dragon.

Here I have added a tombstone that uses as a defense against tank troops like giant, royal giant, golem.

5. Best Arena 8 Deck – XBow

xbow deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

Having an xbow deck in arena 8 is a must because opponents get scared by seeing an xbow.

I have added a log so that you can use it if anyone put skeleton army to the xbow.

Or you can put princess behind the xbow, which will give damage to air troops also.

If the xbow card fails, then there is no chance you can win to add a mega knight instead of a dark prince.

6. Mortar Deck

mortar deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.1 

The mortar gives good damage to troops.

The mortar cards can use as a defense as well as an offense.

90% of people own two or more tanks, lumber balloon freezes, or elite barbarian.

This deck is a quicker cycle of 3.1 mortar cyc. A 3.1 mortar cycle is too fast, and you can rely on the connection of your prince to your tower.

You could swap the bats for a card such as bats princess, which will make it more affordable and better against lava hounds/loons, and even graveyards.

7. Hog Rider Deck

hog deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5 

Hog with goblin barrel is a deadly combination to have in arena 8.

I went from arena 8 to challenger 3 with the help of a hog and goblin barrel. The hog used to disarm the tower. After that, you can go guns blazing in the air with the goblin barrel. This is so counter-intuitive, but it works every time.

Once the tower is low, use the fireball card onto the tower to win a battle.

8. Witch Deck

witch deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 4.4 

Witch cards are mainly used as a defensive, so you should have a winning card like a mega knight, balloon or giant or any other winning

Ram Barbarian is very effective. When the lane is clear, try to give your opponent a push to put the barbarian ram from different lanes.

Fireball is so helpful to have in a deck. Fireball helps to take our troops as well as a tower.

9. Princess Deck

princess deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4 

The princess cards can use to defend troops and also for attacking purposes.

If you want an alternative deck, include these cards, hog, rocket, and princess. You also want an alternative deck consisting of these cards, hog, rocket, and princess. It is also known as a hog/rocket cycle deck. Most of the pro players use this deck.

You can cycle hog riders to do as much damage as possible on towers using a single elixir, Also add a single elixir defensive or distraction cards.

10. Pekka Deck

pekka deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

Pekka deck is one of my favorite decks.

It would be best if you always had an arrow or a zap with you when your deck has a Pekka or hog.

Consider switching Decks with less legendary cards if you’re f2p. To continue playing with Pekka, you will need to learn how interactions work and how you can match up against certain win conditions.

Double Pekka deck: If you play Pekka, it is pretty straightforward. My deck is Hog, lightning, Pekka mini Pekka, firecracker, and E. You can punish your opponent with hog firecracker if they are too committed. 

Firecracker also gives good damage to the tower.

Pushing with a double Pekka, your opponent will get scared, and the opponent might leave the game. I am just kidding. It sometimes happens with me; if I m winning, then the opponent leaves the game.

11. Giant Skeleton Deck

giant skeleton deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

The giant skeleton is not used much now after the update in clash royale that the giant skeleton gets nerfed. Now the giant skeleton end bomb gives only half the damage to a troop.

Previously it gave good damage to the tower as well as troops. Apart from this, there is no disadvantage to this deck.

If you want to learn how to use a deck of giant skeletons, watch the pros gameplay (not just for gameplay but also how they use the deck).

See to it that how they use the giant skeleton deck and then practice it.

12. Skeleton Dragon Deck

skeleton deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

The Skeleton Dragon Deck card is used in Arena 8.

If you want, you can switch wizards for musketeers. You can also add air troops, like a mega minion, musketeer, or mega minion, and switch baby dragons.

In this deck, the winning card is goblin barrel and mega knight.

13. Miner Deck

miner deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

Miner deck is not much of use in the higher arena, but in arena 8, the miner deck is very effective.

For some players, this card is a winning card that takes the game to the end.

Miner having a combination with goblin barrel is deadly. With this deck, you can surely win any battle in a clash royale.

A better win situation is what you need in arena 8. This deck defense is stacked.

14. Mega Knight Deck

mega knight deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8 

This is the most fun deck I’ve played in a while! That’s why I have added this mega knight deck to this list.

It will be hard to counter this deck.

Whenever players see mega knight or elite barbarian in a deck, they immediately scream “mid ladder.” (The actual trophy range to consider a mid ladder player.)

15. Giant Deck

giant deck for arena 8

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0 

Players are so used to it with a giant deck; that’s why I made this deck in arena 8.

Still, in arena 8, the giant deck is a powerful card to attack.

I typically just put the skeleton army to tank troops to obtain an elixir trading.

If you wish, you can swap the mini Pekka for elite barbs. It works great! Tank killers are essential in the giant deck.

These were the Best Deck for Arena 8.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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What is a good arena 7 deck to push to arena 8 frozen peak after balance changes?

Here is one of the good arena 7 decks so you can pus to arena 8 frozen peak; the decks contains:
Hog Rider
Goblin Barrel
Here the win condition is a Hog rider so use it carefully.

Which is the best deck of Arena 8 without Legendaries?

Arena 8 Deck without Legendaries are 
– Pekka, 
– Goblin Barrel, 
– Hog, 
– Fireball, 
– Zap, 
– Valkyrie, 
– Skeleton Army, 
– Baby Dragon

All the above card is not legendary, so this deck can be called an arena 8 deck with legendary.

What is the best deck at arena 8 with a miner?

The best deck at arena 8 with a miner are:
Ice Wizard,
Mega Knight,
Flying Machine,

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