In clash royale, there is a game called clan war where you get the Clan Boats that have to be protected. Each player gets three towers and every tower contains 4 cards that will protect the tower. Boat defense is most important in clan war.

So it’s better to have great cards for every tower which can protect your clan boats.

Below is the list of Best Boat Defense Decks:

Boat Defense Deck 1

Boat Defense Deck 1
  • Tower 1: Giant Skeleton, Mega Knight, Firecracker, and Hog Rider.
  • Tower 2: Executioner, Pekka, Skeleton Army, and Head Hunter.
  • Tower 3: Golem, Sparky, Night Witch, and Lumberjack

Boat Defense Deck 2

Boat Defense Deck 2

Tower 1: Skeleton Dragon, Elite Barbarian, Rascals, and Pekka.
Tower 2: Bowler, Mini Pekka, Mega Minions, and Electro Dragon.
Tower 3: Mega Knight, Musketeer, Giant Skeleton and Wizard.

Boat Defense Deck 3

Boat Defense Deck 3

Tower 1: Pekka, Musketeer, Royal Princess, and Goblin Gang
Tower 2: Bomb Tower, Firecracker, Valkyrie, and Bandit.
Tower 3: Giant Skeleton, Barbarian Hut, Flying Machine and Magic Archer.

Boat Defense Deck 4

Boat Defense Deck 4

Tower 1: Rascals, Bowler, Sparky, and Mega Knight.
Tower 2: Minions Horde, Royal Recruits, Electro Wizard, and Ram Rider.
Tower 3: Three Musketeers, Pekka, Dark Prince and Prince.

Boat Defense Deck 5

Boat Defense Deck 5

Tower 1: Electro Wizard, Pekka, Log and Royal Recruits.
Tower 2: Giant Goblin, Cannon Cart, Tesla and Royal Delivery.
Tower 3: Fireball, Mega Knight, Giant Skeleton, and Musketeer.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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How do clan boat defenses work?

In the clan boat, you can get 15 Boat Defenses which depend on your clan war league.

Each boat has 3 tower which has to be protected with the troops, so for every tower, you have 4 cards to select which can defend your tower.

How do you destroy the boat defense in Clash Royale?

You can destroy the boat defense when you clear all the boat defense, so now the opponent has to rebuild the boat to be in the game.

How does the boat race work in Clash Royale?

The main objective of clan war is to win a river race.

In the river race, clans get 1v1 to get fame and whoever generates more fame get to position one, so they get rewards.

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