Here you will find the clash royale Best All Legendary Decks for every arena.

Let’s see some best decks for legendary cards in clash royale.

#1 All Legendary Deck

All Legebdary Card Deck 1

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0

  • Princess: The princess is used as an offense to give the cheap damage to the tower.
  • Miner: You can use the miner as defense also for sometimes.
  • Lumberjack: It supports the mega knight.
  • Electro Wizard: It can easily take care of the swarm’s troops.
  • Royal Ghost: It can only use as an offense card because the opponent troops will target your tower.
  • Mega Knight: It’s your win condition card.
  • Magic Archer: It can protect your tower from air troops.
  • Mother Witch: Always put the other witch when opponent depoly skeleton amry or minions or goblins.

#2 All Legendary Deck

All Legebdary Card Deck 2

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

  • Ice Wizard: It slows down the opponent troops.
  • Royal Princess: It is better to give cheap damage.
  • Miner: You can directly target the tower.
  • Sparky: Place the sparky behind of miner.
  • Electro Wizard: It can counter the inferno dragon.
  • Night Witch: The best card which can target both air and ground.
  • Royal Ghost: It can be your win condition card.
  • Fisherman: Always place the fisherman in the middle of the lane so that it pulls the troops near to middle.

#3 All Legendary Deck

All Legebdary Card Deck 3

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

  • Royal Princess: You can also use the princess as a defense.
  • Sparky: Place the sparky behind of lumberjack.
  • Lumberjack: It proetcts the sparky.
  • Bandit: If it reaches to tower then it can give massive damage.
  • Royal Ghost: The royal ghost can be invisible which can be very helpful to win the battle.
  • Mega Knight: You can use the mega knight to win the battle.
  • Fisherman: The fisherman is the best card to distract the troops.
  • Log: You can pull the troops with the log.

I hope you love this all legendary deck which can work in every arena.


How many legendary cards are there?

There is 17 legendary card in clash royale.

How rare is a legendary card?

The battle ram is the rarest legendary card in clash royale.

What is the best legendary card in Clash Royale?

The best legendary card in clash royale is mega knight, sparky, bandit, and inferno dragon.

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