There is much confusion related to the star levels in clash royale.

So let’s see what is star levels and star points in clash royale.

What are Star Levels in Clash Royale?

The star levels are nothing but it makes the skin of the troops gold or when troops land they splash gold. The cards can be upgraded between 1 and 3-star levels.

The star levels don’t make your card stronger or healthier it’s just the skin of the cards which changes into gold which looks cool in the game.

So to level up the star you need star points.

Star points are earned when your card is maxed then from chests, challenges, donations, trades, and the shop you get the star points. 

star levels in clash royale hog

Star Points

The star points help you to upgrade the star level which makes the card more stylish with the gold.

You can start collecting the star points when you reach king level 6. You can see the star points on the experience bar when you click on the experience bar it switches to the star points.

You can also get the star points in the shop.

Star Level Statistics

Star LevelStar Points RequiredTotal Star Points Required

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What is a star level Clash Royale?

The star level in clash royale makes the cards look more stylish with the gold. When you upgrade your mega knight to star level then the mega knight is covered with the golden breastplate.

Does Star level matter in Clash Royale?

The star level doesn’t matter in clash royale, it’s just a way to showcase your skin.

Do star levels increase stats?

The star levels don’t improve the damage or health of the card.

What are star points for in Clash Royale?

The star points are a way to make the cards into star level to get the golden skin or card and troops.

Clash Royale how to get star points

To get the star points is very easy. You just need to acquire star points by upgrading, donating cards, and collecting max-level cards.

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