In clash royale, there will be 3 champions which are Archer Queen, Golden Knight, Skeleton King. Champions are a brand new rarity that unlocks at King level 14.

I know most of the player is not maxed yet but it will be great gameplay with brand new champions.

Let’s explore the champions one by one

The Champions Archer Queen

The first Champion to be elected comes from an archer queen.

She has the lowest Hitpoints of all three Champions However, she is able to target enemies both on the ground and in the air with her crossbow.

She has an ability called Cloaking Cape where the archer queen gets invisible, and shoots arrows faster, causing extreme damage.

The Champions Golden Knight

Golden Knight has a decent amount of Hitpoints and fast attacks.

I like his ability of dating dash which will be very effective for the offense.

Dashing Dash Dashing Dash makes him run towards his enemies and then chain attack several targets on the way. If you can time it right you can get to the Towers and cause the damage.

If you are timing it correctly it could even reach the Towers which can cause a lot of damage.

The Champions Skeleton King

The skeleton king is equipped with the club. His Club can do some massive damage to enemy troops, and when any targets are that are destroyed in the arena it devours their souls.

The Soul Summoning capability can summon the dead. As many souls as he accumulates the greater. Skeletons will leap into fights and take on.

How to ativate champion ability

In order to activate one of the abilities of the Champion, You must press the ability button on top of the Card Deck. Be sure to do it correctly as they require Elixir which will put them in Cooldown for a period of time following. 

They are Champions are unique in that you only get one in your deck and you are only able to be deployed one at any point. When you deploy one of the Champions It is kept off your Card Cycle until destroyed. 

The Champions need to be upgraded in the same way as every other card in Clash Royale. When you unlock one Champions, they begin at level 11, and bringing Champions to Clash Royale changes the game as we’ve never witnessed before.

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