Here you will find the clash royale Best Bandit Decks for every arena. Bandit deck uses her ability to move fast like a flash and gives damage to troops, buildings, and towers.

Let’s see some best decks for the Bandit in clash royale.

1. Hog Rider Bandit Deck

Hog Rider Bandit Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.5

I have tested many hog rider bandit decks, and I come up with this most robust hog rider bandit deck, which works excellent and can be your win condition card.

As you can see, the above deck has a strong defense and strong offense.

  • Knight: You can defend the mega knight with the knight.
  • Wizard: Always put the wizard behind some mini-tank troops.
  • Mini Pekka: Your secondary win condition card.
  • Hog Rider: Your win condition card.
  • Bandit: The bandit is a versatile troop that gives the dash damage to the tower and very powerful troops.
  • Royal Recruits: If you place the royal recruits near the bridge, you can use the royal recruits as an offense.
  • Mother Witch: Always put the mother witch after the tank troops or hog rider.
  • Rocket: In the end game, the rocket plays an important role in winning a battle.

2. Best Bandit Deck Arena 13

Best Bandit Deck Arena 13

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

In arena 13, the bandit gets unlocked, which is of my favorite card in clash royale. The bandit can dash, which damages the tower to troops.

As you can see, the above deck contains almost all the legendary cards which care inferno dragon, bandit, night witch, fisherman, and graveyard.

  • Skeleton Army: You can distract the inferno dragon with the skeleton army, and with the help of the tower, you can easily take down the inferno dragon.
  • Inferno Dragon: It can take care of all the tank troops.
  • Bandit: The bandit can give one-shot attacks to the princess, goblin dart, and many other troops.
  • Night Witch: It uses as a defense.
  • Fisherman: If you want to activate the king tower, you can place the fisherman in the middle of the king tower to pull the troops near the king tower to get activated.
  • Magic Archer: It can damage troops and towers from a long distance.
  • Graveyard: Sometimes is use the graveyard to slow down the enemy.
  • Tornado: If the fisherman fails to activate the king tower, you can use the tornado.

3. Hog Rider Bandit Witch Deck

Hog Rider Bandit Witch Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

This hog rider bandit deck can be your win condition card because the defense and offense both are strong in the deck.

For defense you can use the minions, witch, valkyrie and ice wizrad.

For offense you can go with the bandit and hog rider, sometimes you can use the royale princess as offense.

  • Minions: The minions is best for defense only which can target both air and ground troops.
  • Witch: In this bandit deck witch can be best defense card here.
  • Valkyrie: The valkyrie can eaisly disracted when you use it as offensivly, so i alwys suggest you to use the valkyrie as defnse only.
  • Skeleton Army: The skeltonsa are the best distraction to any troops.
  • Hog Rider: Your win condition card.
  • Ice Wizard: The ice wizrad is very good card in the defneive side but sometime the ice wizard can use as offense also.
  • Princess: It can taregt troops and tower from the long distance.
  • Bandit: Most of the player use the bandot as a offense card only, Palying the bandit as offense makes the deck very strong.

4. Mega Knight Bandit Deck

Mega Knight Bandit Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

The mega knight is a counter of the bandit, but I have added both cards in the deck. The average elixir cost is 3.8, which is a decent cost to win a battle in a clash royale.

It is also one of the versatile decks in which you can add multiple win condition cards.

Use the rascals as a defense only because you have a mega knight and hog rider and bandit for offense purposes.

  • Hog Rider: Your win condition card.
  • Mega Minions: The mega minions are very effective against the melee troops. You can combine the mega minions with bats if you want to use it as an offense.
  • Bandit: You can put a mini tank or tank troops to protect the bandit from the tower.
  • Bats: A low elixir costs troops usually distract the air troops.
  • Rascals: It’s the only card with tank troops with support troops.
  • Mega Knight: You can use the mega knight as offense and defense as needed in the battle.
  • Fireball: You can takeout the mother witch, magic archer, and many other troops with a single shot.
  • Zap: It quickly wipes out the skeleton’s army and goblin barrel.

5. Bridge Spam Deck

Bridge Spam Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.4

In this bridge spam deck, you can replace the earthquake spell with the bandit so that you can do the bridge spam.

You have to build the elixir to have multiple troops in the deck cycle in the bridge spam.

The balloon, lumberjack, and bandit are the best cards for the bridge cycle because the opponent will have no time to defend the ground and air troops.

My strategy is to deploy the cannon in the middle of the king tower and then build the elixir to do the bridge spam. Once I have ten elixirs, I first deploy the lumberjack and balloon, and after some time, I put the bandit.

  • Balloon: Your win condition, which can pair with the lumberjack.
  • Wizard: The wizard can easily damage troops, and if tank troops protect the wizard, then the opponent’s defense will get destroyed within a few seconds.
  • Lumberjack: First, deploy the lumberjack after it reaches the mid-lane push with the balloon.
  • Cannon: The cannon can easily counter the hog rider and ram rider.
  • Zap: It is beneficial for the balloon push.
  • Clone: You can clone the balloon.
  • Earthquake: You can replace the earthquake with the bandit for the bridge spam.
  • Barbarian Barrel: It is a great defensive card.

I hope you love these bandit decks, which can work in every arena. Most of the players used this bandit deck in arena 13.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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How to use bandit clash royale

The bandit is the best card to do the bridge spam. To use the bandit effectively, first deploy a troop on the left side of the lane, so players will think you are focusing on that lane. Once the player is convinced, you can push with the bandit on the right side of the lane.

How much damage does a bandit do?

The different levels of bandit do different damage. So below is the list of damage as per the level of bandit:
Level 9 – 160
Level 10 – 176
Level 11 – 193
Level 12 – 212
Level 13 – 233
Level 14 – 256

Is Bandit CR good?

Clash royale bandit is the strongest card, which can be your win condition card in most of the deck, so never underestimate the bandit in clash royale.

How do you counter bandit?

You can easily counter the bandit with the skeleton army, electro wizard, Pekka, tesla, and witch.

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