Here you will find the clash royale best Goblin Barrel decks for every arena. You can through Goblin Barrel anywhere in the arena battle.

Let’s see some best decks for a Goblin Barrel in clash royale.

1. Goblin Barrel Spam Deck

Goblin Barrel Spam Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 2.8

Almost all the players take arrows or log to defend against the skeleton army, goblin barrel, spear goblin. You can easily bait the opponent using a mirror deck.

If the opponent uses the arrow or log on your goblin barrel, you can bait them using a mirror deck and a clone deck.

The only thing is you have to fool your opponent by throwing a goblin barrel on the tower, and once it uses the arrows or logs with the help of the mirror deck, you have another goblin barrel that you can use to push.

Here you have only one goblin barrel deck so use it wisely.

  • Knight: A mini tank that can help you protect your tower from tank troops.
  • Royal Princess: It can use as defense or offense.
  • Goblin Gang: You have three goblins and three spear goblins.
  • Ice Spirit: It can freeze the troops or tower, which you can use when going for the push.
  • Goblin Barrel: It’s our winning condition. It’s our only winning condition so use it carefully.
  • Mirror: This card is used to mirror the goblin barrel.
  • Log: To clear out the armies of troops.
  • Clone: Here, you have to clone the goblin barrel so that the goblin can give a good amount of damage to your tower.

2. Goblin Barrel Mega Knight Deck

Goblin Barrel Mega Knight Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

The goblin barrel mega knight deck is powerful and works on every arena.

This goblin barrel deck will help you push the ladder in the higher arena.

  • Hog: It’s our winning condition that directly targets the tower.
  • Royale Princess: You should always have air-targeting cards.
  • Bandit:
  • Mega Knight: Here, it uses for defense purposes, but if the first strategy fails, you can also use it as an offense.
  • Magic Archer: You should always have an air targeting troops
  • Rage:  When you push with hog and goblin barrel, use rage on them, which will help you to destroy the tower faster.
  • Goblin Barrel: It uses support to hog while you push.
  • Log: To clear the low-cost elixir troops.

3. Best Goblin Barrel Clone Deck

Goblin barrel clone deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

The goblin barrel clone deck is a win condition card for us.

My strategy with this goblin barrel clone deck is I first deploy the royal princess so that the opponent uses an arrow or log on the royal princess, and once the opponent uses it, I push with goblin barrel and clone it. With this strategy in one go, you can destroy one tower of your opponent.

  • Valkyrie: It is a mini tank card that is very effective when the opponent has mini Pekka, mega knight, elite barbarian, Pekka, giant skeleton, etc.
  • Musketeers: It is used to target the air troops
  • Royal Princess: Princess can use as offense or defense.
  • Mega Knight: Second Win Condition card if the first strategy fails
  • Freeze: Support the goblin barrel push to freeze the troops with the tower.
  • Goblin Barrel: First win condition card.
  • Log: To take care of melee troops.
  • Clone: Here, you have to clone the goblin barrel.

4. Goblin Barrel Bait Deck

Goblin Barrel Bait Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6 

Goblin Barrel Bait deck is my favorite deck where you need to bait an opponent to use an arrow or log-on skeleton barrel to push to the tower with a goblin barrel.

The second option is to push with Pekka and use the poison spell so that any troops that come near to Pekka can get destroyed or slow down the troops.

  • Knight: A mini tank that helps you distract and destroy the tank troops like a mega knight, Pekka, skeleton army, etc.
  • Pekka: Our Winning condition card gives huge damage to towers or troops.
  • Baby Dragon: It supports the push of Pekka.
  • Goblin Gang: Put the goblin gang if the opponent tries to target your tower with hog, Pekka, elite barbarian.
  • Skeleton Barrel: Skeleton Barrel used to distract and bait opponent.
  • Goblin Barrel: You can form many strategies with this goblin barrel card.
  • Poison: Supports the Pekka push.
  • Log: I’m not going to repeat it, lol. 

5. Goblin Barrel 1.6 Cycle Deck

Goblin barrel cycle deck

Average Elixir Cost: 1.6

This goblin barrel cycle deck uses as a fun deck that can work sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t work, so use it as an entertaining deck.

  • Skeleton: It uses to disrate the troops.
  • Ice Spirit: It uses to freeze the tower.
  • Fire Spirit: It destroys the troops in a single hit, and those troops are minion, goblins, goblin gang, minion horde, skeleton army.
  • Electro Spirit: It gives shock to troops.
  • Goblin Barrel: It’s our win condition card.
  • Mirror: Here, the mirror uses only a goblin barrel.
  • Clone: It uses to clone the goblin barrel in this deck only.
  • Heal Spirit: Healing goblins with heal spirit.

I hope you love these goblin barrel decks that can work in every arena. Most players used these goblin barrel decks to spam, bait, clone, and cycle the goblin barrel.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

There are six cards you can take in a battle. Every card has its unique ability.

To win in a match, the first thing you have to do is upgrade your card, which you will use most of the time. Your card will be upgraded when opening a chest.

There are different kinds of chests which you will get when you do a battle.

Check out all the decks: List of Decks By Clash Royale Cards


Is Goblin Barrel a Win Condition?

Yes, It is a win condition if you have a freeze or clone, or mirror card in a deck.

Is Goblin barrel Good Clash Royale?

Yes, the goblin barrel is good in clash royale. You can directly target the opponent tower with the goblin barrel.

Is Barbarian Barrel Better than Goblin Barrel?

The barbarian barrel is used to clear out the Skelton army, goblins, and many melee troops used as a defense. But in the goblin barrel, you can directly target the tower. SO for defense purposes, the barbarian barrel is better. For offense purposes, goblin barrel is better.

How do you use the Mega Goblin Deck?

It’s very simple to use the mega goblin deck. First, you have to push with the mega knight, target the tower, and put the goblin barrel as support.

What is MAX-level Goblin Barrel?

The max level of goblin barrel is level 14, which gives damage of 159.

How do you Counter the Goblin Barrel?

To counter the goblin barrel, you should have an arrow, log, barbarian barrel, snowball, and a fireball in a deck.

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