Here you will find the clash royale best Royal Hogs decks for every arena. Royal Hog directly attacks the prince’s tower.

Let’s see some best decks for royal hogs in clash royale.

1. Royal Hogs Royal Recruits Deck

Best Royal Hogs Deck 1

Average Elixir Cost: 4.4

The ability to direct attack towers makes royal hogs a superb deck.

The royal hogs are the best card for bridge spam, and You can also push with a skeleton barrel when you push with royal hogs.

  • Goblin Dart: Fastest air attack troops.
  • Goblin Gang: It is used to defend against
  • Royal Reccurits: Best ways to slow down the opponent’s push.
  • Zapper: Supports royal hogs when you push.
  • Rascals: Best Offense and defense to protect your troops or tower.
  • Skeleton Barrel: Supports the royal hogs push.
  • Royal Hogs: It is our win condition.
  • Royal Delivery: Giving a surprise to the opponent by the royal delivery on troops.

2.Royal Hogs Mega Knight Deck

Best Royal Hogs Deck 2

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

The royal hogs have very low hit points, so you should take a battle healer to protect them. If you don’t have a battle healer, you can take a healing spirit that heals the royal hogs when you push.

If the royal hogs strategy fails by chance, which is more likely to happen, then use mega knight as a win condition card.

  • Knight: You should have a mini tank with you in a deck.
  • Electro Wizard: Slows down the opponent troops.
  • Mega Knight: Second Win Condition card if royal hogs strategy fails.
  • Royal Hogs: Our win condition card directly targets the tower.
  • Fisherman: Deploy the fisherman in the middle of the lane, so that opponent troops attack the main tower to get activated.
  • Skeleton Dragon: You should take one or two air troops.
  • Arrow: To clear out the skeleton army, goblins, minions.
  • Ice Spirit: It is used to heal the royal hogs so that they can give damage to a tower.

3. Royal Hogs Deck Arena 7

Best Royal Hogs Deck 1

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

In Arena 7, most players have low-level cards that you have to take advantage of opponent troops.

4. Royal Hogs Hunter Deck

Best Royal Hogs Deck 4

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3 

Royal Recruits is the best defense troops to have in the deck, but it’s a little expensive. It cost almost six elixirs, so you have to build that much elixir. At the beginning of the game, it’s not possible to deploy the Royal Recruits, but it is more effective in the end game.

You can replace the flying machine with a head hunter if you want to.

  • Royal Recruits: One of the best defense troops on a deck.
  • Zapper: It supports the royal hogs push, putting the zappers behind royal hogs.
  • Flying Machine/Head Hunter: It can defend against air troops.
  • Royal Hogs: It is only one of our win conditions, so use it wisely.
  • Barbarian Hut: Best ways to slow down or distract the opponent troops.
  • Fireball: If any troops come near royal hogs, you have to use a fireball.
  • Barbarian Barrel: To clear out the Skeleton, Goblins.
  • Ice spirit: Mostly, it is used to heal the royal hogs.

5. Royal Hog Rage

Best Royal Hogs Deck 5

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9 

The combination of royal hogs and rage is very deadly. You can win almost every battle with this deck.

The magic archer targets any troops or building from a long distance, making this card legendary.

  • Skeleton Army: It is used to take down the tank troops.
  • Baby Dragon: It gives splash damage to a troop.
  • Mega Minion: Mega minion handles the prince, princess decks.
  • Mega Knight: A tank troop that can be used as an offense or defense. It is also our win condition.
  • Royal Hogs: It is our second win condition.
  • Magic Archer: It supports the royal hogs push.
  • Arrow: To clear out the low elixir cost troops like skeleton, goblins, heal the spirit, etc.
  • Rage: Put the rage spell on royal hogs to give more damage to a tower.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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Are Royal Hogs Good at Clash Royale?

Yes, defiantly royal hogs are a perfect deck in clash royale.

How do you use a Royal Hog Deck?

Whenever you use royal hogs, you should have to protect the royal hogs from troops that can quickly destroy them. I usually use it for defense purposes, bridge spam with royal hogs, heal spirit, elite barbarian, and fireball. Yes, defiantly royal hogs are a perfect deck in clash royale.

Are Royal Hogs Meta?

For the higher arena, royal hogs are not a meta. But if you are in a lower arena, then royal hogs used a meta deck.

How much Damage does Royal Hogs do?

The level 11 Royal Hogs gives damage of 76. Below is the detailed info about the balloon:
1) Hitpoints: 837
2) Damage: 76
3) Damage/sec: 63

What Cards Work well with Royal Hogs?

The best cards which can work well with royal hogs are heal spirit, rage, battle healer, and zapper.

How do you Defend Against a Royal Hog?

It’s effortless to defend against a royal hog, So to defend the royal hogs, you can take the mega knight, fireball, skeleton army, minions, tesla, tombstone, and many more cards.

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