Here you will find the clash royale Best Golem Clone Decks for every arena.

Let’s see some best decks for the golem clone decks in clash royale.

1. Golem Lumberjack Clone Deck

golem clone deck 1

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

In the first half of the game, try to defend your tower; when the time remains 1 min, that time, build your elixir to go for a push with golem and lumberjack.

You have to put a night witch behind the golem. You can use the clone ability also, which can able to destroy at least one tower.

  • Golem: Use the golem in the last 60sec of the game.
  •  Skeleton Army: You can use the skeleton army to distract opponents on another lane.
  •  Bomber: It gives splash damage, and it costs only three elixirs.
  •  Baby Dragon: You should always have an air defense card.
  •  Lumberjack: Instead of using only the rage spell, you can use the lumberjack.
  •  Night Witch: Put the night witch behind the golem to win the battle.
  •  Tornado: You can push the troops on the other lane with the help of a tornado.
  •  Clone: Use the clone where necessary.

2. Golem Freeze Deck

golem clone deck 2

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

The combination of golem freeze is very deadly, on one lane, you can push with a golem and night witch, and on the other lane, you can push with a skeleton barrel. Make sure you have a clone and freeze deck in the deck cycle to use when you push with the skeleton barrel.

  • Golem: It is one of the best tank cards.
  •  Skeleton Barrel: It will be your winning condition card.
  •  Night Witch: Secondary win condition card.
  •  Flying Machine: It can defend you against the inferno dragon.
  •  Furnace: The furnace is the best way to slow down the opponent’s push.
  •  Freeze: Use it wisely so your troops can destroy the tower.
  •  Log: A best low elixir card and widely used card in clash royale.
  •  Clone: Clone when there are many troops.

3. Golem Clone Bandit Deck

golem clone deck 3

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

You can surprise your opponent with a golem in the last few seconds of the game, so he cannot defend it.

I’d suggest ice spirit is superior to fire spirit. Fireball is better than freeze. Skeletons are more suitable to cycle than goblins, and you should add the hog rider instead of the battle healer.

  • Golem: It is your win condition card.
  •  Lumberjack: You can use the lumberjack with a bandit.
  •  Mega Minion: It can easily take down the knight and valkyrie.
  •  Bandit: It supports the lumberjack push.
  •  Night Witch: It supports the golem push.
  •  Elixir Collector: You can boost your elixir to push with golem many times.
  •  Zap: You can easily take down low, easier troops with zap.
  •  Clone: Clone night witch bats.

I hope you love these golem clone decks, which can work in every arena.

Someone asked me Is ladder designed to have a 50% win rate like clan wars?

A: I don’t believe match rigging is a problem. Thanks to companies such as EA, we have information about what can make the game more addictive. This can be described as being able to correlate success with failure often. This is what happens, but meta change, and it is only possible to attempt to guess and anticipate a counter, but the data is there to allow Supercell to do something similar.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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Why is night witch good with Golem?

The golem can use as protection against the night witch.

How do you make a good Golem deck?

Always try to make a golem deck with a win condition card like a witch, wizard, and many other cards. These cards will help you to win the battle.

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