Here you will find the clash royale best X-Bow decks for every arena. The X-Bow directly attacks the prince’s tower.

Let’s see some best decks for X-Bow in clash royale.

1. X-Bow Tesla Deck

Best xBow Deck 1

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

X-Bow and Tesla is one of the most popular decks in clash royale.

The X-Bow cycle is very quick because you have low-cost cards like knight, tornado, log, and skeleton in this X-bow deck. It would be best if you always used X-bow as a defense at the start of the game, and when the time is remaining 60 sec then use X-Bow as an offense.

First, try to get which cards your opponent has and try to defend them. Once you know which cards your opponent has, then properly place your X-bow, so it hits the tower.

  • Knight: Best ways to distract any troops so that tower hits the opponent troops.
  • Skeleton: Gives decent enough damage to troops that directly attack the tower-like hog, royal giant.
  • Ice Wizard: To slow down the opponent troops, which is very useful in arena 6.
  • Tesla: Use Tesla beside X-Bow so it can protect it.
  • X-Bow: Use as a winning card.
  • Rocket: To damage the tower or troops if the troops are close to the tower.
  • Log: Log is used to take down an army of troops like skeletons, goblin gang, in short melee troops.
  • Tornado: If the opponent tries to destroy the X-bow, I use a tornado to distract the troops and deploy the knight.

2. X-Bow Rocket Cycle

Best xBow Deck 4

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Rocket cards also play a crucial role in X-Bow Rocket Cycle.

If your X-bow deck fails, then the rocket will do its job, and you have to make sure that you protect your tower from all the troops you have.

I m calling this a cycle deck because skeleton, log, and ice spirit are the cycle cards.

  • Skeleton: It is used to take down the tank troops.
  • Valkyrie: Mini tank is very useful to have in a deck.
  • Musketeers: You should always have troops who can take air troops.
  • Ice Spirit is used to slow down or distract any troops from X-bow or Tower.
  • Tesla: It should be kept beside X-Bow or used as a defense when required in the battle.
  • X-Bow: This will be your winning card.
  • Rocket: When the X-Bow deck is failed, use a rocket to damage a tower so that in the end game, you win the battle by tower damage percentage.
  • Log: Mostly used on a melee troop to destroy them in one hit.

3. X-Bow Deck

Best xBow Deck 5

Average Elixir Cost: 5.9

This X-Bow deck can use as a fun deck. Sometimes you should have fun with multiple decks. That’s why I have created this deck.

This kind of high elixir cost deck works great in 2V2 Battle, but make sure your clan mates or buddy have a low elixir cost deck. If both people have a high elixir cost deck, you will have bad times winning a battle.

  • Balloon: It is used to clear the building for X-Bow to hit directly to the tower.
  • Wizard: To support the mega knight if any air troops come in his side.
  • Three Musketeers: Better to use in the end game. If you know the opponent is out of elixir, it is better to deploy the three musketeers.
  • Ram Rider: Great card for bridge spam.
  • Mega Knight: Our win condition deck if it targets the tower.
  • X-Bow: At the beginning of the battle, your opponent can easily defend, but if you use it properly at the last second, it will work great for you.
  • Fireball is used to take down the troops near the opponent tower.
  • Rocket: Same goes for the rocket also to take down the troops and damage the tower simultaneously.

4. X-Bow Deck Arena 6

Best xBow Deck 2

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

For arena 6, there is a pretty good option for an X-Bow deck.

This X-Bow deck is one of the best decks for arena 6. With the limited level of cards, I have created this X-bow deck which will be a game-changer for you. Everyone can climb to the next arena with this deck.

Most arena six players don’t have good cards to defend against X-Bow.

  • Goblin: These goblins can take down the tank troops very quickly.
  • Witch: It can attack air and ground troops. The skeletons of the witch give us the added advantages in the battle.
  • Valkyrie: You should have a mini tank card.
  • Ice Wizard: To slow down the troops if anyone is near X-bow.
  • Mega Minions: To protect the X-bow from air troops.
  • X-Bow: This is our winning card.
  • Position: Use the card when the opponent tries to destroy your X-bow with air troops like minions.
  • Log: Well, you know when to use the log. It is obvious to use when the opponent has a skeleton army, goblins, etc.

5. X-Bow 3.0 Cycle Deck

Best xBow Deck 3

Average Elixir Cost: 3.1

It is a pretty good cycle deck. I know people need around 2.0 to 2.8 cycle deck but believe me, this deck is very good. It can use in every arena from 1 to 3.

  • Valkyrie: ALywas have a mini tank like a valkyrie, knight, etc.
  • Ice Wizard: It is used to slow down the troops who come near to tower or X-Bow.
  • Ice Golem: With ice Golem, you can easily distract any troops to another lane.
  • Bat: To protect against air troops.
  • X-Bow: This one is a winning card here, so use wisely.
  • Goblin Barrel: It is the most used card in every arena. If the opponent has a log or an arrow, try not to use it; if the opponent uses it on other troops at that time, immediately use the goblin barrel.
  • Log: If the opponent has a skeleton army or goblins, make sure you use it that time.
  • Tornado is used To push the troops away from the X-bow or tower. Otherwise, you have to push the troops near valkyrie to damage troops.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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How to Play X-Bow Decks

Playing X-Bow deck is very simple. First, you should have mini-tank troops like a valkyrie, knight, mini Pekka, etc. Second, you should have a card that can take care of melee troops like a skeleton army, goblins, spear goblins, etc., so to defend that, you should have an arrow or a log.

How do you Beat the Tesla XBOW Deck?

To beat a tesla X-Bow deck, you should have cards like a giant, minions, fireball, rocket, mini Pekka, mega knight. Fireball and mega knight are the most effective cards to beat the tesla xbow decks.

Is XBOW Cycle good?

The Xbow cycle works great when you are in the lower rank. In the higher rank, the opponent can easily defend against the xbow.

How do you Counter eBarbs with a 3.0 XBOW?

To counter the electro Barbarin from the xbow, you should have a fireball or a mini tank so that the xbow gives damage to the ebarb, and the fireball will take care of the rest.

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