Here you will find the clash royale Best Sparky Decks for every arena. The sparky card gives huge damage to troops and towers.

Let’s see some best decks for a sparky in clash royale.

1. Mega Knight Sparky Deck

Mega Knight Sparky Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0

The mega knight sparky deck is one of the best decks to use in every arena.

My strategy with this mega knight sparky deck is to deploy the sparky and put the goblin barrel on to tower so that the opponent troops try to defend the goblin barrel so that sparky can damage the tower.

  • Valkyrie: A mini tank that can easily takedown some tank troops if troops are in your lane.
  • Spear Goblin: It’s better to have a card that can distract troops.
  • Princess: Here, you can use the princess as an offense.
  • Sparky: It’s our win condition.
  • Mega Knight: It can be a second win condition but is mainly used as a defense.
  • Inferno Tower: A building that can easily take tank troops.
  • Goblin Barrel: To support the sparky.
  • Barbarian Barrel: It Works the same as a log.

2. Giant Sparky Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3

The Giant Sparky is a great combination to have in a deck.

As you can see the giant sparky deck, you have only a zapper that can be defended against the air troops. Use the zapper properly, or otherwise, you will get rekt.

Here the strategy is very simple: use the giant as a tank and put the sparky behind the giant so that sparky at least gives one or two shots to the tower.

  • Valkyrie: It uses for defense purposes here.
  • Giant: Put the giant in front of sparky so that sparky can do his job.
  • Sparky: It’s our win condition, put behind of the giant.
  • Zapper: It’s the only card in the deck which can target the air troops apart from snowball and lightning.
  • Goblin Cage: It is very useful to distract troops.
  • Lightning: Use it on a tower if the troops cover the opponent tower.
  • Snowball: You can use it to slow down the opponent troops with a snowball.
  • Royal Delivery: If you deliver on the opponent troops, it damages.

3. Double Sparky Deck

Double Sparky Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.2

The good players in clash royale widely use the double sparky deck. You can also take the clone spell instead of a mirror.

You can push with sparky from one lane, and the opponent will surely defend it with their troops; what you can do is push with another sparky using the mirror deck from the other lane. The opponent will get confused to defense the second sparky.

  • Witch: You can slow down the opponent’s push with the witch.
  • Wizard: It’s the best card to defend the opponent troops.
  • Mini Pekka: Second win condition if first fails.
  • Ice Wizard: It can freeze the troops and slow down the opponent’s troops.
  • Sparky: Our Win condition.
  • Cannon Cart: The cannon’s death effect produces the cannon, which is very effective.
  • Magic Archer: It can target troops from a long distance.
  • Mirror: You can mirror the sparky.

4. Goblin Giant Sparky Deck Rage

Goblin Giant Sparky Deck Rage

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0

The Goblin Giant Sparky deck works the same as a Giant sparky deck, but the goblin giant is more effective because it also provides the spear goblin if it gets destroyed. It’s up to you which one you have to choose.

  • Skeleton Army: It can take down tank troops if it survives.
  • Musketeers: It can defend against air troops.
  • Mini Pekka: Use the mini Pekka as offense as well as defense.
  • Sparky: Our win condition has to be paired with goblin giant.
  • Giant Goblin: Put it in front of sparky.
  • Battle Healer: Put it behind of goblin giant and sparky to heal both the troops.
  • Cannon: If the opponent has a hog or ram rider or a directly targeting tower troops, then the cannon will be very useful.
  • Zap: To clear out the skeleton army, goblins.

5. Sparky Deck Arena 12

Sparky Deck Arena 12

Average Elixir Cost: 4.8

In a higher arena like arena 12, the sparky is the most used deck in clash royale. You can also create your deck; make sure you have a tank troop in your deck.

  • Skeleton Army: To bait the opponent so you can use the minions.
  • Skeleton Gaint: To support the sparky.
  • Minions horde: You can deploy the minion horde once opponents use the arrow or zap to clear out the skeleton army.
  • Sparky: It’s our best win condition.
  • Lumberjack: It uses as support to sparky.
  • Rascal: To slow down the opponent’s push, or you can put the rascals in front of sparky.
  • Mega Knight: It can be used as an offense and a defense.
  • Log: To clear out the bunch of troops.

I hope you love this sparky deck which can work in every arena.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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How do you stop Sparky and Mega Knight?

You should have a zap spell and an inferno dragon or inferno tower to stop the sparky and mega knight. Another way to stop the sparky and mega knight is to have a mega knight with you.

What cards work well with Mega Knight?

The cards that work well with mega knights are sparky, goblin barrel, hog, ram rider, and many others.

How do you use a sparky deck?

To use a sparky deck, first deploy the tank troops, and behind the tank, troops put the sparky so that sparky lasts longer to damage prince tower.

What is the best deck for Sparky in clash Royale?

The best deck for sparky in clash royale is Mother Witch, Zap, Rage, Bats, Dark Prince, Giant Goblin, Sparky, and Head Hunter.

Is Sparky a bad card?

Sparky is a good card in clash royale. Most players think it’s a bad card because they don’t know how to use it. Once you know when to use the sparky card, you will win most of the battle.

How do you use the Goblin giant Sparky deck?

To use the goblin giant sparky deck, first deploy the goblin giant and behind it deploy the sparky so that it gives damage to the tower and goblin giant protect the sparky.

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