Here you will find the clash royale Best Goblin Hut Decks for every arena.

Let’s see some best decks for the goblin hut in clash royale.

1. Goblin Hut Spam Deck

Goblin Hut Spam Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.7

This globin hut spam deck is one of the greatest decks in clash royale which top players use in the higher arenas.

  • Baby Dragon: The baby dragon is best against the swarm’s troops.
  • Electro Wizard: You can slow down the opponent’s push with the help of electro wizard.
  • Mega Knight: In the deck, the mega knight uses as the offense.
  • Goblin Hut: You can keep on pressuring the opponent with the goblin hut.
  • Goblin Barrel: When you put pressure using the goblins you can push with the goblin barrel.
  • Mirror: You can mirror the goblin barrel.
  • Log: It helps you to push the troops.
  • Clone: You can clone the goblin barrel.

2. Goblin Hut Furnace Deck

Goblin Hut Furnace Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

You can keep on pressuring the opponent with the help of this goblin hut furnace deck.

I suggest you place the barbarian hut and furnace away from each other so that opponent can not counter it easily.

  • Valkyrie: It is best against the moderate troops like a witch, wizard, and magic archer.
  • Skeleton Army: A must-have card if you are in the lower arena.
  • Goblin Hut: The spear goblin gives very little damage but over a constant little damage you can easily take down half of the damage of the tower.
  • Elixir Pump: You can have an extra elixir.
  • Furnace: It helps to pressurize the opponent.
  • Mirror: You can mirror the goblin hut.
  • Poison: It will be very helpful when you go for the push.
  • Graveyard: It can be placed wherever you want.

3. Lava Hound Goblin Hut Deck

Lava Hound Goblin Hut Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.6

It is one of the strongest lava hound goblin hut deck in clash royale.

  • Skeleton Army: Sometimes the skeleton army plays a major role in the battle.
  • Musketeer: You can easily counter the electro dragon with a musketeer.
  • Mini Pekka: It can defend against moderate troops.
  • Lava Hound: You can distract the opponent with a lava hound so that you can push with the sparky.
  • Sparky: Once the opponent is distracted then on another lane you can push ith the sparky.
  • Executioner: It is the best counter against the minions and goblin gang.
  • Goblin Hut: You can replace the goblin hut with a barbarian hut.
  • Arrow: You can take out skeleton army and goblin barrel with an arrow.

I hope you love these goblin hut decks, which can work in every arena. Most of the players used this goblin hut deck in arenas 7, 8, 9, 12, and 13.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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How to counter Goblin Hut

You can counter the goblin hut with fireball, lightning, and rocket.

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