Here you will find the clash royale Best Golem Night Witch Decks for every arena.

Let’s see some best decks for the golem night witch in clash royale.

1. Golem Night Witch Lumberjack Deck

Golem Night Witch deck 3

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

The golem with night witch is a deadly combination and a win condition card.

  • Golem: Your win condtion card
  •  Lumberjack: When you push with a golem, you can use the help of a lumberjack.
  •  Mega Minion: It is best for defense purposes.
  •  Bandit: It can use as offense and also as a defense.
  •  Night Witch: It supports the golem and lumberjack push.
  •  Elixir Collector: It boosts your elixir, giving you a competitive edge while playing in battle.
  •  Zap: Easily destroy low-elixir-cost troops.
  •  Tornado: Push your opponent’s card.

2. Golem Night Witch Deck

Golem Night Witch deck 2

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

This golem night witch deck is very strong because, as you can see, it has very strong defense and offense. You have a mega knight, a flying machine, and a barbarian hut for defense.

You can do your offense with golem lumberjack and night witch.

  • Golem: The best tank card in clash royale with the highest hit point.
  •  Lumberjack: It is a multi-purpose card used for offense and defense.
  •  Mega Minion:  It is best for defense purposes.
  •  Night Witch: Your win condition card
  •  Flying Machine: The best card against the baby dragon, knight, and many other such cards.
  •  Barbarian Hut: It continues to put pressure on the opponent with the barbarian.
  •  Zap: Low-cost elixir card.
  •  Poison: Put the poison on the tower as well as the troops.

3. Golem Zapper Bats Deck

Golem Night Witch deck 1

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

I have added a night witch with bats, so when you push with a golem and night witch, you can use bats to take advantage of that.

  • Golem: A tank troop. Also, a win condition.
  •  Mega Minion: It is best for defense purposes.
  •  Night Witch: Your win condition card
  •  Bats: It supports the push with the golem.
  •  Zappies: It is also best for defense purposes.
  •  Zap: Best for inferno dragon and tower.
  •  Poison: Sometimes, I use the position as a defense when the opponent push to your tower.
  •  Log: It destroys the skeleton army within a sec.

I hope you love these Golem Night Witch decks, which can work in every arena.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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Why is night witch good with Golem?

Golem protects the night witch.

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