Here you will find the clash royale Best Graveyard Decks for every arena. The graveyard card spawns a bunch of skeletons.

Let’s see some best decks for graveyards in clash royale.

1. Bowler Graveyard Deck

Bowler Graveyard Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

This deck is a unique deck that you never played with this kind of deck.

The strategy is straightforward, use the goblin giant and bowler as an offense and the rest of the card as a defense. You can put the graveyard wherever you want, but I suggest you pout the graveyard on the tower when the goblin giant is near the tower.

  • Knight: You can direct any troops with the knight.
  • Archer: A air targeting troops.
  • Guards: A best defensive card against the Pekka, elite barbarians, princes, and many others.
  • Bowler: It has a bowl that pushes the troops and gives damage.
  • Bats: A low elixir cost air troops.
  • Goblin Giant: It is a tank troop, so you have to pair it with some troops, damaging it.
  • Tesla: Tesla can defend air as well as ground troops.
  • Graveyard: It swarms the skeleton from the ground.

2. Graveyard Poison Deck

Graveyard Poison Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0

The poison spell slows down the troops and also give damage. So you can push with the hog rider or balloon and use the poison spell on the tower and opponent troops.

The graveyard is the minor card used in clash royale. Most players hate the graveyard because players don’t know how to use the graveyard. You will love the graveyard deck once you have practised with the graveyard deck.

  • Balloon: Our win condition.
  • Valkyrie: A defensive troop that is very effective.
  • Wizard: You can pair the wizard with the balloon.
  • Hog: Another win condition can pair with the poison or firecracker.
  • Firecracker: You can put the firecracker behind the hog to support the hog rider push.
  • Poison: Place it when tower and opponent troops are close to each other.
  • Graveyard: Place on the tower so that it gives some damage to the tower.
  • Log: When you push with hog rider, you should have a log in the deck cycle.

3. Valkyrie Graveyard Deck

Valkyrie Graveyard Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

The valkyrie is the best counter for the graveyard, but in this deck, you will also take the valkyrie, which can deal with the moderate troops like a wizard, fisherman, witch, mother witch, and elixir golem.

  • Balloon: It’s the only win condition you have in a deck.
  • Valkyrie: A counter against the wizard, witch, mother witch.
  • Bats: It’s the only air targeting troops, so use it carefully.
  • Skeleton Barrel: You can use a skeleton barrel to bait the log so that you can put the goblin barrel on the tower.
  • Goblin Hut: It swans the goblins; it’s very effective in the end game.
  • Goblin Barrel: After baiting the skeleton barrel, you have to use the goblin barrel.
  • Graveyard: You can put the graveyard on the tower once you bait the skeleton barrel and goblin barrel.
  • Log: I know you have an idea when to use the log.

4. Princess Graveyard Deck

Princess Graveyard Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0

This princess graveyard deck need a high amount of practice. At the start, you will feel it’s a very tough deck. Once you make your strategy, this princess graveyard deck will be perfect for you.

My strategy with this princess graveyard deck is; first deploy the sparky at the end of the lane. So that I can stack the elixir, and once it reaches near the bridge, I use the graveyard and put the princess behind the sparky.

  • Minions Horder: It’s a bit expensive card but works great if the opponent doesn’t have an arrow.
  • Royal Princess: You can use the princess as offense or defense.
  • Sparky: If you can somehow make the sparky reach the opponent tower, you will easily win the battle.
  • Goblin Gang: You have three spear goblins and goblins in the goblin gang.
  • Executioner: It counters the minions, inferno dragon, minions horder and skeleton army.
  • Graveyard: Sometimes, you can use the graveyard as a defense also.
  • Log: Try to have a log in the deck cycle when you push with sparky.
  • Earthquake: if any troops come between the sparky, use the earthquake spell.

5. Graveyard Freeze DECK

Graveyard Freeze DECK

Average Elixir Cost: 4.1

It is one of my favourite graveyard freeze decks. The strategy is straightforward; first, you need to place the graveyard on the tower, and if the opponent deploys troops for defense, use the freeze spell on the tower and troops.

You can also use the miner to distract the opponent on different lanes to focus on that lane.

  • Pekka: Our win condtion card. If it targets the tower, it can destroy the whole tower in a few hits.
  • Witch: The best counter for the Pekka, inferno dragon, giant skeleton and minions.
  • Baby Dragon: It gives the area damage.
  • Royal Princess: In the last 60 sec use the royal princess as a defense card.
  • Miner: You can directly target the opponent tower with the miner.
  • Freeze: You have to use the freeze when you push with the Pekka.
  • Graveyard: You can support the Pekka push by placing the graveyard onto the tower.
  • Log: It hepls the pekka push.

I hope you love this royal giant deck which can work in every arena.

Clash Royale is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

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What is a graveyard deck?

A graveyard deck is a deck that has a graveyard in it.

How do you use a Pekka graveyard deck?

First, deploy the Pekka at the end of the lane to build the elixir for the graveyard. Once Pekka reaches the bridge, then put the graveyard on the tower so Pekka can damage the tower.

How do you play the graveyard deck in Mega Knight?

You can use the mega knight as an offense card in a graveyard deck. You can distract the opponent with the graveyard and deploy the mega knight.

Is the graveyard a good win condition?

The graveyard card is easy to counter, so it is not a win condition.

How do you use graveyard poisoning?

Always put the graveyard at the corner, so the skeleton does not activate the king tower.

How do you counter poison a graveyard?

You can not counter the poison spell once it is put into the graveyard range.

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